Post Season TVT: Duke & Post Season Totals

We have hit 7 post season games, so I am kicking out a TVT to show how this team has re-defined itself.  Literally overnight they have turned their season long production averages upside down.

TVT:  net positive production per minute.  Add up the good stuff, subtract the bad stuff, divide by minutes played.  Breaks every player down to a single number – “When you play for 1 minute, you gain the cardinals “x” net positive contributions per minute.  If you had a score of 1.0, that would be 1 net positive stat per minute.  that is hard to do.  .40, means you contribute a net positive stat in just over 2 minutes. 

Duke TVT – Gorgui blows Plumlee out of the water.

People missed that if they looked on at partial statlines.  Gorgui almost produced the same stat line as Plumlee’s, exceeded in some parts, but in only 25 minutes (vs. 39 for Plumlee).

He was Louisville’s most productive by minute played – not even close.  Siva and Smith  – the starts by  most accounts were 4th and 5th.  Insane production by the team people.

TVT averages by Schedule Segments

  • Overall Season TVT- team average: 0.51 production per min
  • OOC schedule TVT – team average: 0.53 production per min
  • Conference Season TVT – team average:  0.48 production per min
  • Post season average TVT – team average:  0.64 production per min

Comparison graph by Category + All Post Season Games per person 


  • Behanan Back?  His last game consistent with what he has been kicking out all season, refreshing because the 6 games beforehand has dropped him from #2 most productive to  #7.  We all think he will have an emotional charge in honor of Ware, but you can be “too fired up”, so hopefully HALL OF FAME Coach Pitino can keep him level-headed out there.
  • Ware’s True Impact:  Statistically, he is the 8th most productive, not as big of a loss as we all feel.  However, the real loss will be what Hendo can bring vs. Ware.  That could be “net trouble”, OR  – some 3’s from the corner like the end of the Duke game.  That would be epic.
  • The most telling stat of how good this team is playing is this; Statistically, Luke is still LAST on the team, but again, that is saying HOW GOOD the team as a whole is contributing.  All of them are contributing a “starters value” per minute played, and that is not an expression – they literally are.  Anyone over the 0.40 line is a starter level contributor, and Luke is LAST with a 0.45 – it is really amazing.  Never seen an explosion of production like this team in the post season.
  • Cards 72 – Wichita 64:  Cards a little out of synch, but make up for it with quick shots by WS.  WS shoots/rebounds well to keep it close, but lose ground a little at the free throw line.

Go Cards.




Conference Report Card: After Slow Start, Big East Rolls to Top Spot

Big East had a disappointing start on day of the tourney, 3-5 to be exact. How are they doing now? Since day 1, the Big East is a sizzling 8-1. They put those 3 teams into the Sweet 16, Elite 8, and 2 have moved on to the Final Four.

I wonder if the Big East will be judged by their “tournament results”, or their “first day results”, because let’s face it, after the first weekend – 52 teams are gone, and many quit paying attention. I think they would be missing the real story of the Big East in 2013.

When you factor everything in – The A-10 and Pac-12 were underrated, but the Big East and B1G held up to their season long billing as top conferences.

Another thing to note – since people often have a problem with the amount of bids Big East gets (which by the way was 50% of their conference) is how does the Big East do proportionately to the field relative to the bids they get.

Big East Teams vs. Spots Available – by Round.

  • Bids: 8 for 12%
  • Rd32: 3 for 9% (drop)
  • Rd16: 3 for 19% (surge)
  • Rd8:  3 for 38% (mega surge)
  • Final Four: 2 for 50% (supa-mega-surge)

Total Scorecard










Tournament Resume

  • W = win;  L = loss; W% = winnning %
  • UW% = % of wins that were upset wins.;
  • UL% = % of losses were via being upset.
  • Upset = by seed.  Not vegas.
  • Table below sorted by W%
  • Added Win per Bid:  Shows the value of a conference bid.  If 1 made it, and won 3 rounds – their score is 3.0 (every bid, which in this case is only 1, got 3 wins each).


Sweet 16 and Elite 8 results from this past Weekend