NCAA: Conference Scorecard

Which conferences are hot at the right time?

I break it down round by round, and again for a total score all rounds.

Scoring: I had to change scoring.  I intended it to be a “per team” value, since some conferences have 8 bids and others 2.  Trying to avoid sheer volume from driving the winner. Scoring in a nutshell; add up the wins, give a bonus if an upset win, subtract points for an upset loss, and divide score by how many teams are playing in that round.

What I show

1. Raw totals:  bids, wins, losses, and % of upsets (win or lose).  One thing I like to look at is wins per bid.  The Raw total will show ho many total wins so far int he tourney, and you can see if bids are pulling their weight. Example:  A-10 has 7 wins from 5 bids.  Mountain West has 2 wins from their 5 bids.

2.  Conference Score Card Cumulative:  A-10 was the big winner in RD64 (6-0), but in the RD 32 they went 1-5, with a pair of upset losses. Their total score will be adding both rounds point totals together. As teams advance (or disappear) the point totals change.  In RD32, Pac-12 had only 2 wins, but they were both upset wins, so that is factored into their score.

3.  Per Round Performance:  How the selected conferences did per round.  I didn’t grab all conferences.  CUSA and MVC were left off, MVC did the best between those 2.

Another metric to watch:  Another thing to note is “% of the field”.  This helps give you an idea of how a conference is doing.  They get % of the field as bids, and they either maintain, or fall behind as the tourney progresses.  This will help stop the over generalized “they get all those bids, and all they do is lose” arguments. A conference cannot expect all their teams to advance to the Sweet 16, so this alongside Upset Win (UW%) / Upset Loss (UL%) help make sense of that.  Upset %’s are “when they win, X% are upsets wins”, and the same goes for losses.


Raw Totals (win/loss & Upset %’s).


Conference Score Card (RD 64 + RD 32)










Round 32 Resume


Round 64 Resume



Conference Report Card: RD 64, Tourney To Date, Ranking

A-10 huge winner in the round of 64 with 5 bids-6 wins, and 50% of their wins coming by upset.

Big East big loser with 8 bids – 3 wins, and 60% of their losses were via being upset.

It is a long tourney, so we will see how conferences fair each round and overall.  Does the Big East stink?  Nope, they have had 3 months to prove they win basketball games, and they do, but they certainly are having a bad round of 64 this week.

Raw: RD of 64 Results



Raw:  Tourney-to-Date

This will be the same as above this round, since only 1 round has been played. I added any “first 4” to this group (La Salle, Boise St).  Next round, this table will accumulate, as the above table will only be round specific.


Conference Rank

Add this, subtract that, and a little of this, and walaa – Big East, you dropped a bomb first round.  Time to make up for that in the coming rounds.  Sorted best rd of 64 to worst.

Let’s hope the Big East steps up in the Round of 32.  Game on.

Go Cards.


Spring Ball – Day 2




Charles Gaines looks good on defense.

Coach Bedford did not lie on Twitter today, Vante is the best WR in the country.  Had a sick catch between Floyd and Pryor for a TD.

Dominque Brown looked great, and they weren’t shy in trying him out.  He said the knee feels great.

Clark is super fast.  Not sure how much he will be used in the stable of receivers, but he can play.

Finesse was earning his stripes today with a lineman skirmish (not fight, just a stand-off with O-lineman Manly).  The team loved it.

Willie Bailey is no longer with the team.  No reason, just gone.

Coach Hurtt, noticeably absent, is said to be on administrative leave in order to prepare his defense for the NCAA.

Go Cards

Spring Practice: Day 1

Spring Practice:  Day 1

Coach Strong

“We have a veteran team now.  People know where to go, and what to do.  Approach is different, because it is our first senior class.  They know what to expect.  The team has a lot of confidence, and the guy’s work ethic is outstanding.  They understand the checks on defense much better”.

Coach Strong is looking forward to evaluating the new guys:  Christian, Pike, and Clark.

On the O-line: They are looking for a lot of Joe Manly, and Nacho is currently in Alex Kupper’s spot.  Kamran Joyer in Mario’s spot.

The message for Spring Ball is “team”.  We have a lot of individual talent, but we will only achieve greatness as a team.

On the schedule:  We have to play what is front of us, and I have to prepare the team to compete.  We didn’t play all that well in a few games this year, so plenty to improve on.


Teddy Bridgewater

Heisman possibility isn’t on his radar.  “I am all about this team. We have good chemistry with so many players coming back”.

Teddy is looking forward to adding more TE packages now that G. Christian is in play.  “He is a machine, can catch a ball with 3 defenders on his back.  He is an O-lineman, Running Back, and Wide Receiver all in one body”.

One change being a year older is in his decision-making. He feels more decisive with his passes.

Regarding Sunny Will Stein:  “Will is the guy that pushed me, and knew the offense so well.  Now I have to do the teaching”.

Regarding Will Gardner: “A Star in the making”.

On Dental Work:  “Now I love to smile, I love to have conversations with people, and it’s a great feeling.  Couldn’t eat solid food for a couple of months, and lost some weight”, but he is getting back after it now.



15 players out with injuries/surgeries, but all expected to play in the Fall.

Will Gardner is solidly #2 in the QB rotation right now.  6’6″ and throws a great deep ball.

Reggie Bonnafon and DeAndre Herron attended the practice.

Teddy talked to some Florida players on the break he is friends with: Dunbar, Elam, Floyd – not a bad group.  They admitted not being prepared for what Louisville brought that day.

Jermaine Reeve currently in Bushell’s spot.

Apparently, we will need to come up with a long list of Chuck Norris quotes for Gerald Christian.  So get’em ready.


Go Cards