WHITE OUT: Cards Host Marquette

Marquette.  White OUT. Super Bowl Sunday. Marquette is 6-1, tied for first in the Big East. The Cards are 5-3 tied for 3rd in the league and a fresh off breaking a 3-game slide.  Louisville vs. Marquette is NEVER easy.  Last year the Cards split decisions with the Golden Eagles. The official “White Out 2013” t-shirt will be available exclusively at the Cardinal Authentic store in the KFC Yum! Center on game day.  The team will wear special Adidas uniforms for the game as well.

Last spring I worked for the NCAA as a pool reporter as the request of UofL at the KFC Yum! Center for the NCAA Tournament 2nd & 3rd Rounds getting quotes and I was in the Marquette Locker Room interviewing their players 4 separate times.  To be honest, it was the best locker room of the 8 teams there (by far the worst was UCONN).  My go to quote machine was Vander Blue, that guy is really cool.  But Jamil Wilson & Todd Mayo were also great to talk to as well.  Other teams were like pulling teach for answers, but Buzz Williams’ group almost made me forget that I was talking to a rival school.  Almost me made forget the history between the two schools…….almost.

While I can definitely appreciate a good group of guys (which is the case with Marquette) I can’t forget about Tom Crean, Mike Deane, D-Wade, and the Dieners.  No way. My first game ever was as a 2-month old behind the Marquette bench at Freedom Hall on February 28, 1982. Of course the Cards won 80-68 that day, but there have been so many other fantastic moments along the way. Louisville holds a 41-26 series advantage, but it feels so much closer than that.

Mike Deane giving the bird to the crowd of Freedom Hall after Brian Wardle hit a game winning three point shot at the buzzer to win 71-70 in 1998 made Deane public enemy #1 in Louisville.  I was at that game, and I’ve never seen such a fervor for an opposing coach by the Louisville fan base.  Deane seemed to thrive on being the “bad guy” and the Cardinal fans responded with the only time I’ve ever seen a Louisville crowd throw things at an individual.  Cups of beer, pom poms, popcorn.  Tom Crean, who most Louisville fans like and respect, had a moment where he drew the ire of the UofL fanbase as well when he accused Ellis Myles of faking an injury during the second meeting in 2003.  Myles had torn his patellar tendon and was screaming in a quiet Freedom Hall.  The only other noise was from Crean, who was still in competitive mode.  I was about 12 feet away from Myles (sitting in the first row of the UofL student section) and I remember FUMING at Crean.

Thankfully, most of the memories come on the floor. Miracle on Main, Reece Gaines hitting a 3 to break a 28-game home winning streak against Marquette. Or Jerry Smith hitting a 3 at the buzzer in his hometown as a freshman and bumping into a female fan on the opposite baseline as he celebrated.  Smith’s 3 happened at a time when not everyone had the new ESPNU, and I watched the game at a bar with a high stool and high table top.  The shot went in, the bar exploded and there was so much broken glass, spilled drink, and nachos everywhere.  It looked like we had been in a food fight.  But it was totally worth it.

Who could forget the 3 OT game in Denny Crum’s final year?  Brian Wardle is still a bad word in my parent’s house. Or the 2 OT game that the Golden Eagles snagged in ’96 that was declared the best game of the ’95-’96 season.  But for everyone one of those, it’s the late daggers Louisville has put on the Golden Eagles, including Francisco Garcia’s in ’05. This is a great series, and I hope that when the current Big East structure dissolves that the two schools can find a way to continue to play. There is too much history and tradition to let it fade away.

Last season, the Cards struggled with Jae Crowder at the Bradley Center in another January slump only to reverse their fortune when it mattered most in the Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden.  The Cards were Infrared Hot and forced Marquette into 26 turnovers, mostly via the press.  Here is last season’s victory against Marquette in the Big East Tournament told by VillenHD:


Statistical Preview

Louisville Marquette
Strength of Schedule (RPI) 9th 25th
Points Per Game 74.0 (37th) 70.1 (94th)
Avg Scoring Margin +16.1 (7th) +7.8 (59th)
Field Goal % 44.8 (84th) 46.3% (35th)
Rebound Rate 53.5% (44th) 53.4 (48th)
Blocks Per Game 3.6 (150th) 3.8 (125th)
Steals Per Game 11.2 (2nd) 7.1 (128th)
Assists Per Game 14.8 (52nd) 14.9 (48th)
Turnovers Per Game 12.4 (75th) 12.8 (110th)
Team Fouls Per Game 17.6 (160th) 17.9 (188th)
2-point FG% 50.4% (59th) 52.4% (30th)
3-point FG% 32.4% (229th) 29.5% (306th)
Free Throw % 7020% (132nd) 72.7% (68th)
Opponent Shooting % 40.1% (62nd) 39.7% (48th)
Opponent 2-point FG% 44.5% (81st) 43.7% (57th)
Opponent 3-point FG% 32.0% (100th) 32.6% (124th)
Opponent Blocks Per Game 3.0 (71st) 3.3 (133rd)
Opponent Steals Per Game 6.0 (77th) 6.4 (130th)

Marquette & Louisville are really interesting when you look at the match-ups.  Junior Cadougan typically has not played well against Peyton Siva head-to-head. While Russ Smith vs. Vander Blue is an excellent one to watch. I am going to be looking to watch and see if Juan Anderson gets the start or if Jamil Wilson does.  Anderson gives the Golden Eagles a smaller line-up that they have gone with for the most part, but you can except for Jamil Wilson to get a lot of time, same with Davante Gardner who is HUGE.  Gardner will come off the bench for Chris Otule who is also mammoth. But Otule is returning this season from injury and has been playing limited minutes despite his starting role.

Todd Mayo is a bit of a wild card as he sat out the first semester due to grades.  He’s slowly been working his way back into the rotation.  With Mayo, Blue, Anderson, and Trent Lockett Marquette is VERY dangerous on the wings.  That’s a place where Louisville doesn’t have a lot of margin for error without Kevin Ware (and the possibility of a limited or non-existent Wayne Blackshear due to a recent shoulder injury). Louisville was a little thin on the wing anyway with Mike Marra being injured for the season and Angel Nunez transferring out.

I do like Marquette’s versatility to really have an answer for anything going wrong on the floor.  Buzz Williams is fiery and and very likable person…..except when you are playing him. Marquette is one of the few teams that is deeper than Louisville, but I think that the Siva vs. Cadougan match-up is really lopsided in Louisville’s favor but Gardner’s offense could be enough to make up the difference on the low block.  This is going to be a really tough game.

Peyton Siva Junior Cadougan
6-0, 185, Sr. 6-1, 205, Sr.
Minutes 30.2 27.1
Points 10.5 8.9
Field Goal % 42.20% 43.40%
3-point % 34.20% 20.00%
FT % 89.30% 76.00%
Rebounds 2.1 2.8
Assists 6 4.3
Steals 2.1 1
Blocks 0.1 0.1
Turnovers 2.9 2.4
Fouls 2.8 1.5
Russ Smith Vander Blue
6-1, 165, Jr. 6-4, 200, Jr.
Minutes 28.4 32.3
Points 18.4 14.8
Field Goal % 41.50% 45.30%
3-point % 32.10% 32.40%
FT % 79.00% 72.20%
Rebounds 3.2 3.1
Assists 2.6 1.8
Steals 2.2 1
Blocks 0 0
Turnovers 2.7 2.1
Fouls 2.6 2
Wayne Blackshear Trent Lockett
6-5, 230, Soph 6-5, 210, Sr.
Minutes 22 26.7
Points 9.2 7.4
Field Goal % 42.10% 38.10%
3-point % 34.90% 28.60%
FT % 67.60% 73.70%
Rebounds 3.9 5.2
Assists 0.8 1.7
Steals 0.9 0.8
Blocks 0.2 0.4
Turnovers 0.7 1.9
Fouls 2.4 2.8
Chane Behanan Jamil Wilson
6-6, 250, Soph 6-7, 225, Jr.
Minutes 26.6 23.3
Points 10.8 8.3
Field Goal % 49.10% 48.40%
3-point % 10.00% 36.60%
FT % 54.30% 80.60%
Rebounds 7.4 4.6
Assists 1 1.6
Steals 1.8 0.5
Blocks 0.4 0.8
Turnovers 1.6 1.6
Fouls 1.6 2.5
Gorgui Dieng Chris Otule
6-11, 245, Jr. 6-11, 275, Sr.
Minutes 30.1 15.8
Points 9.4 4.2
Field Goal % 51.00% 60.00%
3-point % 0.00% 0.00%
FT % 66.70% 50.00%
Rebounds 10 3
Assists 2.2 0.1
Steals 1.1 0.2
Blocks 2.4 0.9
Turnovers 1.7 0.4
Fouls 2.1 1.6
Montrezl Harrell Davante Gardner
6-8, 235, Fr. 6-8, 290, Jr.
Minutes 17.7 21.5
Points 6.4 12.7
Field Goal % 61.30% 57.70%
3-point % 0.00% 0.00%
FT % 54.10% 84.80%
Rebounds 4 5.5
Assists 0.2 0.8
Steals 0.7 0.8
Blocks 0.8 0.8
Turnovers 0.5 1.4
Fouls 1.5 2.1
Luke Hancock Juan Anderson* normal starter
6-6, 200, Jr. 6-6, 210, Soph
Minutes 21.4 15.2
Points 6.1 3.7
Field Goal % 35.10% 41.40%
3-point % 32.10% 36.00%
FT % 65.70% 54.20%
Rebounds 2.9 3.3
Assists 1.6 1.1
Steals 1.1 0.8
Blocks 0 0.5
Turnovers 1.1 0.8
Fouls 1.6 1.9
Stephan Van Treese Todd Mayo
6-9, 245, Jr. 6-3, 190, Soph.
Minutes 12.7 16.6
Points 2.2 6.8
Field Goal % 70.80% 35.10%
3-point % 0.00% 30.40%
FT % 66.70% 77.80%
Rebounds 3.4 1.5
Assists 0.3 1.1
Steals 0.6 0.5
Blocks 0.3 0.1
Turnovers 0.4 1.6
Fouls 1.3 1.6
Zach Price Derrick Wilson
6-10, 250, Fr. 6-1, 215, Soph
Minutes 8.1 14.6
Points 1.4 1.8
Field Goal % 53.30% 35.10%
3-point % 0.00% 25.00%
FT % 66.70% 47.10%
Rebounds 1.4 1.4
Assists 0 2
Steals 0.1 0.7
Blocks 0.4 0.1
Turnovers 0.4 0.7
Fouls 1.6 1.3
Marquette Marquette
Jake Thomas Steve Taylor, Jr.
6-3, 200, Jr. 6-7, 230, Fr.
Minutes 10.9 9.3
Points 2.2 3.5
Field Goal % 31.60% 57.10%
3-point % 28.10% 11.10%
FT % 71.40% 55.60%
Rebounds 1.3 1.8
Assists 0.7 0.2
Steals 0.4 0.5
Blocks 0.1 0.1
Turnovers 0.3 0.2
Fouls 0.7 0.5

Remember to wear WHITE!


VIDEO: CardNation At Sugar Bowl, Bourbon Street & Post-Game Celebration

It’s been 29 days since New Orleans.  The Super Bowl is being held in the Crescent City this weekend in the same place that the Cards dismantled the Florida Gators.  Also with National Signing Day next week focus is going to shift back to football for a little bit, and I had to share all of this video that Mike (CrumsRevenge) and I recorded throughout our trip.

This is a LONG video.  I even made two versions.  The one up top is set to music for your listening pleasure.  It’s 31 minutes long.  The other video is the same as the first except that it is the raw video, raw sound. No music.

I had to do this.  It’s my own scrapbook.  This is a video of us……of CardNation.  I couldn’t fully leave New Orleans until I shared this with you.  Or at least got it out there for the world to see.  This is a video about football without a SINGLE football play.  There is so much more to this trip that we didn’t record. Our hotel, throwing beads from the balcony, Cafe Du Monde, St.Louis Cathedral, meeting up with so many of you on the streets, in restaurants.  It was amazing the response we had in New Orleans. We actually had bars requesting us to show up because of the response.  It was awesome, best bowl experience I’ve ever had and it was because of Card fans.

The team was excited, the energy was amazing.  I hope I captured that with this video.  3 cameras, 6 batteries in a constant rotation of charging, 2 video editing platforms, and a lot of time and effort picking out some of the best moments.  Take a walk with me, Mike (CrumsRevenge), my dad, my sister, Jason Hahn, and so many of you.  I really hope you enjoy it.

Presented With Music: (It is meant to be enjoyed FULL SCREEN with the speakers up LOUD). 

PRESENTED WITHOUT MUSIC:  Enjoy however you like.