Jones Brings UofL Cheerleader Flowers

(Photo By Maggie Ruper of WHAS-11)

Staying true to his word, Terrence Jones, delivered on his promise. If you all remember March 31st, Jones stated…

Louisville cheerleading coach Todd Sharp said Logue needed stitches before she could return to the court because the wound on the top of her head bled so much.


Jones had no idea he’d injured Logue in the first-half collision, but he was very apologetic after the game.

“Tell her I’m sorry,” Jones said. “I’ll drive down there and tell her myself with some flowers or something.”


Here’s the video of the actual play.

Jones has been amazing in his brief stint following his UK career. He’s stayed after hours to make sure everyone gets an autograph (sometimes 2 hours over the allotted time frame), excellent in the community and as stated above; he’s even backed up every promise. Continue to do BBN proud Terrence. I can’t wait to watch you in the league.

“The Announcement” — Kentucky Basketball Style *Updated*

Well, it’s just about that time folks. You know, that day we’ve been preparing for since the National Championship run. Here in less than 4 hours, we’ll know our faith.

Will the starting lineup look something like?…

C- Noel

PF- Wiltjer

SF- Poythress

SG- Goodwin

PG- Harrow


C- Noel


SF- Poythress

SG- Lamb

PG- Harrow

There’s been rumors all day long that say, “this guy is coming back or these guys are 100% leaving”. I’m not even going to speculate, let’s just see where the cards fall.

Tonight ESPNU, will air the press conference live at 7 pm (eastern). If you don’t have this channel, you can visit these links for the live stream…




I’m sure there’s other links, but these should work just fine.

CardsandCats prediction: All 5 leave. I see no reason why you call a presser and announce this guy is leaving, this guy is staying, etc. It has to be all or nothing. Since Terrence Jones is already going on an autograph tour with Vargas, I’d have to believe that the writing on the wall. Obviously, I want them all to come back, but that’s just me being a selfish fan. I’ll update via twitter and the site the moment it’s official.

Good luck BBN….


What really happened

¬†As expected, all five underclassmen have declared for the NBA Draft. Good luck guys! We’ll be watching!





Anthony Davis, Marquis Teague and Terrence Jones …. *Updated*

Adam Zagoria reports that Anthony Davis,¬†Terrence Jones and Marquis Teague will all enter the NBA Draft. There’s been speculation that Terrence will announce tomorrow all day long. I’ve even seen rumors that all 5 underclassmen will declare together. (which shouldn’t be shocking to any of our readers)

Zagoria later tweeted….

Who the heck knows. I’m still sticking with……

100% Anthony Davis, Terrence Jones and MKG.

80% Doron Lamb.

60% Marquis Teague.

I just don’t see the benefit of staying in school for most of these guys. I’ve weighed the pro/cons and it’s just hard me to sit here and say “He needs to come back to school without question!“. Lamb and Teague are the only two who SHOULD come back (in my opinion), strictly because of draft status. But, who really knows how important that is to these young men. I’m glad they are taking all of the time necessary to make the RIGHT decision though. Multiple former Kentucky players (Cousins, Wall, Knight, Liggins, etc) have said they wish they were still at Kentucky. It’s just a matter of, how bad do they want a paycheck or continue to play for fun. A job is… well, a job and college is something they forfeit if they leave. How bad do they want it?

I’ll support whatever they decide, as they’ve put in countless hours for the University I love.

UPDATE: Per KSR, All Five underclassmen are announcing their intentions tomorrow during a press conference tomorrow at 2pm.

Due to this news, prepare for them to leave. So, let’s not sulk and lay in our tears.

Watch this…



UK Recruiting Updates

Per twitter sources (believe them if you may), but it’s not looking good for UK and Shabazz Muhammad (UCLA) and most believe Nerlens Noel is a lock to join the Wildcats. Either way, we’ll find out tonight for sure at 7:30ish on ESPNU. Stay tuned!

*Update* — Shabazz appears he will announce at 7:45pm and Nerlens will announce around 8:45pm.

*Update* — Shabazz commits to UCLA. Congratulations to him. Wish him the best of luck.

*Update* — Nerlens Noel commits to Kentucky!

UK Related Notes 4/9/12

  • Wednesday, will mark an extremely important day in UK recruiting. Multiple sources, basically have no clue where Shabazz and Nerlens are heading it would appear. If you spend 10 minutes doing some searching you’ll find that Shabazz is heading to UCLA, UK and Duke all at the same time. Which, as you know is impossible. Here’s something to chew on, ESPN did a poll with 12 peers in their respected class. The data concludes, 10 of the 12 believe Nerlens Noel will head to UK (other two say Georgetown). Muhammad’s destination less conclusive 5 say UK, 5 say UCLA and 2 say Duke.
  • Jonathan Givony (DraftExpress) believes …

“For Kentucky fans holding out hope that Marquis Teague might return…don’t. He’s 100% gone. Only question is when he announces.”

I would have to think, he’s talked to “sources” to make such a definitive remark. That being said, I wouldn’t be shocked if this does become the truth, but until I hear from the Teague’s directly, I’m going to hold my breath. I have mixes emotions on how I’d handle this situation if I could make the final call. I can totally see why he’d enter the draft, yet I can also see what he’d come back for another year in Lexington. Latest projections have him between 17-19 in the 1st round. I can only hope he doesn’t get the mindset “if I don’t go pro, I’ll be considered a failure“.

  • For you Kentucky Football fans out there, Spring football is off to a miserable start.

An offseason of attrition continues for the University of Kentucky football team as an athletic department spokesman confirmed Monday that three defensive players are leaving the team.

Tackle Nermin Delic has been dismissed for an undisclosed violation of team rules, while redshirt sophomore linebacker Justin Henderson and redshirt freshman linebacker Tim Patterson are transferring.

The Wildcats have lost six defensive players since the end of the 2011 season, three of them from Louisville. Cornerback Daylen Hall (St. Xavier High) and linebacker Ridge Wilson (Central High) were both dismissed from the team in February, Hall for an undisclosed violation and Wilson for a felony drug arrest. Full Read.


I know the Cats recruited a ton of depth this year, but with the dismissals and transfers, these kids will be thrown into the fire. I don’t really know what else to say, other than expect a rough season.

  • #1 Kentucky Baseball took two of three vs. #10 Ole Miss and continued their amazing season. Kentucky is now (30-3, 9-3 SEC). Up next is a 1 game set vs. Louisville.


Per Sources…

Per Chad Ford’s latest blog entry, Anthony Davis, Micheal Kidd-Gilchrist and Terrence Jones will all declare for the NBA draft “soon“. Link (insider account required).

Anthony Davis, to me and the rest of civilization, is an absolute lock for the overall #1 pick. Regardless of who is the actual winner of the lottery. Coming back to school for AD, while we’d all love it, would be nothing more than a risk of an injury. His one year of college basketball is something you or I will never forget. Retire his jersey now!

MKG — What can I say? It makes perfect sense for him to leave also. The kid has an unbelievable motor and projected as a top 5 pick (most places have him suited as #2). He too, would be “rolling the dice” with a return to College basketball. Go pursue your dream MKG and trust me, all of BBN will be follow you like a stalker for the rest of your career. I do believe, however, he’d have a 70% chance for a return if #8 never happened.

Terrence Jones, like Mark stated earlier, has played himself into the end of the Lottery selection (13-16). I can’t see him improving his draft stock much more by sticking around for another year at Kentucky. If he continues to play with that fire he developed towards the end of the year, the sky is the limit for Mr. Jones. I’m not 100% sure what position he’ll play at the next level though. I would assume PF, but he has the ability to knock down the three, albeit, an extremely slow release. He still showed he can consistently knock it down. I wish him nothing but the best and I believe I speak for the rest of BBN, he’s making the correct decision also.

Good luck gentlemen and thank you for everything you’ve done for the University of Kentucky.

Now we wait to hear from Teague and Lamb……

My gut says, Teague stays and Lamb leaves (widely reported of his desire to play in the NBA). I’m not sold on Lamb at the next level though (yet), mainly because a shooter is a dime a dozen, he’s slightly undersized for a 2 guard and needs to work on being a floor general (best chance to succeed). Personally, I think both kids should stay because another year would do wonders for their maturity and draft status (weak PG/SG class). The moment we hear something, we’ll report it though. The Teague family, is expected to meet next week and decide together. Remember Jeff (Marquis’ older brother), stayed two years at Wake Forest before declaring. So a return is highly likely.