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CardsandCats.com/CatsandCards.com was created with the idea that there are plenty of fans out there who have an interest in both UofL & UK.  Of course, everyone has their team and so do we but here at C&C we will attempt to not be obnoxious towards one another all season long.  We may get after each other every now and then, but it will all be in good fun and never will that be the primary function of this site.  Hopefully we keep you entertained and if you ever need to get into contact with us please e-mail us at CardsandCats2011@gmail.com.

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Louisville Writers:

Mark Blankenbaker: markblankenbaker@gmail.com

Jason Hahn: jasonhahn01@gmail.com

Kentucky Writers:

Brad Peavler: bpeavler01@gmail.com

Kyle Peck: k_peck@insightbb.com

Blake Thomas: realtalk523@gmail.com


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If you need contact information e-mail Mark.