Video Highlights: 2013 Sugar Bowl Champions

This is the greatest win in Cardinal History, so the bar has been set.

All I can do with this video is match it or screw it up.

I will make a second video for all those I filmed on Bourbon Street, and around New Orleans, so that is not here. That video will also have more post game celebrating by the players.

Sugar Bowl 2013: Louisville Defeats #3Florida from @CrumsRevenge on Vimeo.

I spent about 3 days working on this, going through footage. Quite honestly, you CAN have too much footage. I added some New Orleans clips for those who did not make the trip, but this is 90% game film, both personal and from ESPN broadcast.

Note: I didn’t want to make the video about trolling the experts. While there are clips, this video is about the team and the program. Quite honestly, the experts are not apart of our Cardinal family.

This is about the fans, the players, the coaches, and a far distant last…the knuckleheads in the booth.

This team will live in Cardinal legend.

Go Cards.