Chicago’s Tice Has Big Plans For Bush

Michael Bush, Louisville’s former bruising back found a new home in Chicago.  Mike Tice  has big plans for him.  Bush initially was concerned about his role in an offense that already has a consistant running back in Tulane’s Matt Forte. Tice’s answer was simple:  I want you both to reach 100 yards.

Both guys are unquestionably capable of a 1,000-yard season if they stay healthy. Forte’s done it twice before, and while Bush hasn’t, it’s mainly because he hasn’t had the opportunity. Last year with Oakland, he was just 23 yards short of 1,000, and he got there on 256 carries. He added 37 receptions for 418 yards, too, giving him a total of 1,395 yards from scrimmage. He’s got the talent if he gets the touches.


What did Michael Bush think?

“He said he wanted to do it,” Bush recalled Tice saying, “and I said, ‘Well, you got the right two people.’ ”


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Mike Tice wants 1,000 yards each from Matt Forte and Michael Bush