Governor’s Cup Luncheon Press Conference Notes

The press conference is about to start.  I’ll be posting live updates as they come out.  Twitter is down at the moment so this is the best way.

UofL & UK will both receive $10,000 for scholarships today from Kroger.  $380,000 total in the history of the event.


UofL- Dwayne Woodruff, Lee Corso, Browning Nagle

UK-Fran Curci, Sonny Collins, Harry Jones


Joker Phillips

-Joker says today is his last day to play golf.

-Excited for the season, because of the way they finished.

-We have good fan support 27th in attendance.

-Respects the rivalry, very happy that they play the game.  Not going to disrespect the rivalry.  It’s an intense game, team that wins game carries the momentum for the season. It’s an important game for both teams. When it’s important it makes it intense.

-We have to improve, and improve every week.

-We were able to see a lot of young players late in the season because of injury, depth, etc. So that’s exciting for us and the team for them to see young players coming in and making plays. Excited to develop the young kids.

-We are always going to be the underdog.  We are in the same position we have been for 30 years.  Right Fran?  “to Fran Curci”

-This game has definitely helped High School Football. So has Spring Practice for High School.  It’s not like other states, but it’s better.

-Coach Nord has been on both sides he understands the importance of the game and how it impacts high school football in the state.

-Key to get the new players in the right positions, whether it is getting a certain player at running back, defensive back.  Have to figure that out in a hurry.

-Our schemes have been successful, we have to get our personnel in the right position.  Sometimes the kids don’t grow up as fast as you expect them to.  We have some play makers, and we hope to have more this year than we had last year.  Have to work on explosion plays because an 18 year old kid is going to do something out of the ordinary so it’s hard to get 12-14 play drives.  We try to make our opponent do the same thing, make them go 10-12 plays on a drive on defense because an 18-year old will screw something up.

Charlie Strong

-I don’t have any Maker’s Mark bottles.  So don’t ask me.

-Harry Jones comes to Louisville’s practices from time to time.

-Dwayne Woodruff donated some money for the Academic Center, thanked him.

-Wants to make sure that his kids have a job when they leave the school and thanked Larry Slade for putting together the program that he currently runs and the job fair they just had for the team.

-Asked for people to remember that they are just two years into this. And still young. Just 9 seniors.  Two years ago no one thought they would win a football game.  Last year put some stuff together at the end of the season.  We haven’t been consistent in winning, doesn’t understand why the kids got complacent last season because they really haven’t accomplished anything.

-The talking is for the guys who don’t play.  You have to play the game.

-After losing games that you think you should have won, like FIU and Marshall you would think that the guys would know that they have to put in the work.  Still laments the Pitt loss. One game at a time.  Don’t believe the hype.

-We can start watching this program coming together here in year 3.  Guys will start to become responsible.

-Week by week the coaching staff has to make sure that we are prepared.

-Look at the SEC, it’s a very competitive conference. Hard to say what it would be like because you haven’t been there.  It doesn’t matter you have to prepare your team to go play.  Focus on the small mistakes.  You hope that what you coached them during the week you see them on gameday.

-It wouldn’t matter who we were playing Week 1, we would have the same sense of urgency.

-Fans are doing a lot of talking.  A lot of guys on our coaching staff have won national championships elsewhere and they are doing a good job of explaining to the team of what it takes and to work hard and to not get a big head.

-You see it in practice when a team isn’t performing well.  The work ethic that has gotten us to this point is the same work ethic that we need to take the next step.

-Kentucky has won 4 of last 5. So they still have the advantage.  They had won 4 straight and going into Lexington and winning was big.  But we need to develop some leadership early.

-Always concerns with 9 seniors. Lots of bowl teams on our schedule and a lot of short weeks on the schedule. Have to develop as a team and manage the schedule best we can.

-Teddy has a lot of guys around him. John Miller was a freshman, Jamon Brown was a freshman, Jake Smith, Eli Rogers, Michaelee Harris, were all freshman.  So not just Teddy is going to develop, they all are.  They all had to grow up in a hurry last year.

-Once Teddy realizes that this is his team this team will go also.

-(The Game) Great for both programs. Only two teams playing that day, we get the exposure and recruits do as well.

-Where is the leadership going to come from? Some guys are trying, but it’s hard when you haven’t been a consistent starter or winner.  So I’m interested to see who it is going to be.

-We track down the trash talk and take care of it pretty quickly.  But social media is going to be the downfall of society.  We have to be careful for what we do and what we say.



UofL Partners with Maker’s Mark to Build Academic Center of Excellence

UofL SID Release

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Student athletes at the University of Louisville facing the challenge of balancing school work with their athletic pursuits will soon have a new teammate on their side; an $8 million, state-of-the-art academic center focused on helping them keep up with their studies and to be as successful in the classroom as in their chosen sport.

The Academic Center of Excellence will be located beneath the Norton Terrace at the South end of the Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. The center will house the academic operations for the entire athletic department and all student-athletes and academic staff will be located in one building. The center will feature tutorial areas, laboratories, office areas and classroom space. Fundraising is just getting underway for the facility.

“The Academic Center of Excellence addresses a critical need for our department and what we need for our student athletes to be successful academically,” said Vice-President/Director of Athletics Tom Jurich.

To help pay for the new facility, special commemorative bottles of Maker’s Mark®, a handmade bourbon produced in Loretto, Ky., are being produced featuring a unique bottle design, including an image of U of L head football coach Charlie Strong. Proceeds from the sales will help the university fund the academic center.

“We are grateful to the Samuels family and Maker’s Mark for their involvement,” added Jurich. “It’s a crucial project for the development of our athletic program. Maker’s Mark is an iconic name in the Commonwealth and we appreciate their involvement in this great opportunity for our department.”

“The University of Louisville has played a vital role in my family and the history of Maker’s Mark since both of my grandparents – who created the brand – were graduates of U of L, and my father served on the board of trustees,” said Rob Samuels, Chief Operating Officer at Maker’s Mark Distillery, Inc. “Knowing how important higher education is, Maker’s Mark is excited to support the new athletic academic center with the release of this special bottle. And we’re proud to feature Coach Strong on the label, particularly considering all he’s done for the university and the players he leads.”

Maker’s Mark produced 8,400 of the commemorative bottles which went on sale at Kentucky retail outlets starting on July 20th.

For those who want their bottles autographed, 700 tickets will go on sale for $1 each on (or beginning at 9 a.m. on July 26 for the opportunity to have the bottle signed by Strong, Samuels, and Jurich at a special event on August 1st. Each person is allowed to bring a maximum of two bottles to be signed. Bottles must be purchased at a retail outlet prior to the signing; there will be no bottles for sale at the signing.

The bottle-signing will be Wednesday, August 1, at 5 p.m. at the Mellwood Art Center. Previously purchased tickets will be available to be picked up at 4 pm. Tickets will not be sold at the door.

Kentucky Football Fans Have Begun the Predictions for the 2012 Season

Thanks to social media and video sharing applications like YouTube & Vimeo (among others) anyone can create a video and begin sharing their thoughts with the world on an infinite number of topics.  It’s late July and we have a few “experts” popping up and sharing their thoughts on what might be in store for Kentucky Football in 2012.  We definitely plan to share as many fan videos as we possibly can justify, but for now let’s take a look at these well-thought out, original, and highly researched and justified arguments for Kentucky football in 2012.