UK Related Notes 4/9/12

  • Wednesday, will mark an extremely important day in UK recruiting. Multiple sources, basically have no clue where Shabazz and Nerlens are heading it would appear. If you spend 10 minutes doing some searching you’ll find that Shabazz is heading to UCLA, UK and Duke all at the same time. Which, as you know is impossible. Here’s something to chew on, ESPN did a poll with 12 peers in their respected class. The data concludes, 10 of the 12 believe Nerlens Noel will head to UK (other two say Georgetown). Muhammad’s destination less conclusive 5 say UK, 5 say UCLA and 2 say Duke.
  • Jonathan Givony (DraftExpress) believes …

“For Kentucky fans holding out hope that Marquis Teague might return…don’t. He’s 100% gone. Only question is when he announces.”

I would have to think, he’s talked to “sources” to make such a definitive remark. That being said, I wouldn’t be shocked if this does become the truth, but until I hear from the Teague’s directly, I’m going to hold my breath. I have mixes emotions on how I’d handle this situation if I could make the final call. I can totally see why he’d enter the draft, yet I can also see what he’d come back for another year in Lexington. Latest projections have him between 17-19 in the 1st round. I can only hope he doesn’t get the mindset “if I don’t go pro, I’ll be considered a failure“.

  • For you Kentucky Football fans out there, Spring football is off to a miserable start.

An offseason of attrition continues for the University of Kentucky football team as an athletic department spokesman confirmed Monday that three defensive players are leaving the team.

Tackle Nermin Delic has been dismissed for an undisclosed violation of team rules, while redshirt sophomore linebacker Justin Henderson and redshirt freshman linebacker Tim Patterson are transferring.

The Wildcats have lost six defensive players since the end of the 2011 season, three of them from Louisville. Cornerback Daylen Hall (St. Xavier High) and linebacker Ridge Wilson (Central High) were both dismissed from the team in February, Hall for an undisclosed violation and Wilson for a felony drug arrest. Full Read.


I know the Cats recruited a ton of depth this year, but with the dismissals and transfers, these kids will be thrown into the fire. I don’t really know what else to say, other than expect a rough season.

  • #1 Kentucky Baseball took two of three vs. #10 Ole Miss and continued their amazing season. Kentucky is now (30-3, 9-3 SEC). Up next is a 1 game set vs. Louisville.