Realignment-9/30/11 Morning Edition

Chuck Carlton of the Dallas News tweeted last night:  “A source on the idea of TCU, Louisville, Cincinnati, W. Va to the Big 12: ‘It’s one of the leading options.’  The Big 12 is waiting on Missouri. An interesting tidbit from the Newark Star-Ledger: TCU would not face 27-month wait in Big East because they haven’t joined yet. There are several on table, ranging from 9 to 16 teams.”

Also Carlton linked a story from that explains that the Big XII is trying to get TCU to join the league immediately rather than waiting the 27-month period that is required due to the Horned Frogs never having joined the league.

Last night Andy Katz reported that Louisville is hoping to stay in a strengthened Big East with service academies.

Meanwhile, several outlets have been reporting that Louisville, TCU, WVU, and Cincinnati rumors to the Big XII have been “heating up”.

Dennis Dodd of CBS came out with a story last night of a source (unnamed) that was directly involved with the Big XII television deal, who told Dodd that if it were up to him he would stay at just 9 teams for the Big XII because the television money is the same for 9 as it is for 12 based on the current deal.

The more UConn tries to leave the Big East unsuccessfully the more unflattering light they find themselves in.  John Talty of the IB Times, goes off on UConn and their pursuit of the ACC. 

*My personal thoughts on the evening/morning developments* are that you can listen to everything, but it is important to keep an eye on the big picture and realize that some of this is PR, some it is truth, and the rest of it is well………..

It seems like those who are football reporters are pushing for the 12 team Big XII conference.  Those whose interest is basketball seem to be pushing for the Big East to be saved, like Katz and Pitino.

UofL officials will not comment.  Cards fans know this with Tom Jurich’s coaching searches and also our previous conference shift from C-USA to the Big East.  UofL was committed to C-USA all the way up until the Big East announcement was made.  I think it is really evident that the Big 12 is going to happen at this point, and here is why:

If the Big 12 stays at 9 they basically signal their own end much like the Big East did when they held at 8 for so long.  The late addition of TCU should have been done 4 years ago along with the addition of Navy and at least two other members like ECU and Houston.  Basically by going from 8 to 12 allows a conference to be in a much better position when a member gets poached by another conference.  By not acting the Big East doomed itself and the end was inevitable.  Once Pitt and Syracuse were scooped up the football conference went from 8 to 6 (6 isn’t a conference) and now officials are scrambling.  If the additions had been made in a timely manner Pitt and Syracuse might have been less inclined to leave, and if they did move on, the conference would have gone from 12 to 10 and the teams in the league would have had a chance to establish themselves on the AQ scene.  As it is, the Big East dropped the ball and contributed to their own end.

The Big 12 knows this story of the Big East.  Hopefully they paid attention.  it would be incredibly foolish of the Big 12 with the recent flirtation of 4 members with the PAC, and Missouri holding an offer from the SEC.  Sticking at 9 would be the same thing as the Big East holding at 8.

I think the Big East is trying to save itself.  I don’t doubt that.  Members can not leave for 27-months so they have some time to add independents immediately to the league and if other members take up offers elsewhere the Big East will have some time to maintain their AQ status following the 2013 season.  I’m just hoping UofL has their new home in the Big 12 already in place before that happens.


New Drinking Game: Drink Whenever Craig James Says Something Ignorant

If you watch a lot of Thursday night ESPN football with Rece Davis, Jesse Palmer, and Craig James, you know what I am talking about.  Craig James always comes up with several “Did He Just Say That Out Loud?” moments.  I would love to be in the booth when they go to break and hear if Davis or Palmer actually say anything to Mr. James. In college we actually played this game with Holly Rowe as she was always good for 4-5 great ignorant statements per game.

*If you are playing at home, make sure to have licensed medical staff nearby.  This could get ugly.*

In tonight’s broadcast the highlight of the night so far, was when Craig James blessed us with this gem:

“I can tell you USF didn’t expect to see Sunseri running with his legs.”

I’d really like to know how USF expected Sunseri to run if he wasn’t using his legs!!!!!

I’ll keep this up to date if I can stand to watch Pitt football much longer.

Benavides is BACK!!!!

Mario Benavides is set to make his first appearance at center for the Cards this Saturday vs. Marshall.  Mario questioned where his conditioning might be, but notes that he doesn’t see any reason why he should start at center on Saturday.

There have been reports that Hernandez would stay at LT and Joyer at LG in the potential absence of John Miller  I think Alex Kupper moves over to LT, but who knows?  Stranger things have happened.


China and Earl Clark don’t mix

Earl Clark former University of Louisville basketball player and Lottery pick to the Phoenix Suns is leaving China cause he can’t stomache the food. Now who on earth doesn’t like chinese food. Well that guy.

According to hoopchina Earl Clark asked to leave Zhejiang because he could not get used to Chinese food. Clark was one of the first important NBA players who left US for the Asian country. The Chinese team is already seeking the market to replace him.”

In clarks short tenure of the NBA he has averaged 3.3ppg in a total of 93 games. not great numbers for a former Lottery pick.

Maybe he can catch on to some pick up ball sponsored by burger King and have it his way.

Chuck Neinas Confident Missouri is Staying, Schools in Texas being considered

Chuck Neinas spoke after two days of meetings with conference member’s administration.  He spoke about what Missouri has in the Big XII and said that he does not expect them to leave for the SEC.

He said that he has not been contacted by anyone from the SEC, and added that Missouri is the one school that has not offered their grants of rights in regards to TV revenue.  He added that the board of curators from the University would be reviewing the issue.

Neinas also said that there is no consensus among members on how many members to add.  Some want 12, some want 10.  Some are even happy staying at 9 members.  And in regards to have resistance to adding new members in the state of Texas Nenias said, “I’d say that has changed.”



Development: Brady Deaton (Mizzou Prez) no longer Chair of Big XII Expansion Committee

This could signal that Missouri is preparing to finally take the SEC up on their offer.

It could not signal that Missouri is, in fact, moving to the SEC.  Deaton maybe just doesn’t feel qualified.  But this is unconventional, and could be that Deaton and his administration is still mulling over their options and doesn’t want to have a conflict of interest while the conference is deciding on their options.  Everyone involved needs to be fully focused.

Stay tuned, I think tonight through Monday Morning is going to be wild.